Sunday, June 23, 2013

Oy Vey...

Holy crap! Has it really been almost a year?! I cannot believe how busy 3 kids keep me. BUSY.
On top of a couple of quilts and a newborn (almost 1 year old) I am hoping I can get back into something crafty. For now, lets start with some old stuff. Shall we...
I found this cool cake pop pan half off in my grocery store clearance. Why? It doesn't go bad. Whatever, my super deal. I got it home and thought I would make some yummy chocolate greek yogurt frozen pops. I mixed up the nutella and greek yogurt, carefully poured it into the molds and put in the fancy little sticks that come with it. One little problem...
 Those sticks were then FROZEN and would not fit out the bottom hole. Smart Jocie. Smart.
 I ended up cutting them in half to get them out of the pan and eating it with a spoon. Totally defeating the purpose of yogurt "pops." My sweetheart daughter had no problem helping me with that.

 Mmmm, Choco-Flan. I had to try this recipe. I made it for a Bunco night. Yes, I stressed out all day trying to get it finished and a certain husband asked me why I would do that. Maybe, because it was something that "I" wanted to do? Did you ever think of that? Maybe, it was the only thing I got to do for "me" in a long time? Not for the boy, the girl, the baby, the husband or the puppy. (Did I mention we got a puppy? Insane, I tell you.) 
I made a cake. It took me 4 hours. Stop asking dumb questions before you get yourself in trouble. M'kay?
It was supposed to have a caramel topping too, but I didn't have any. Oh well. Bunco had more desserts than food, but I don't care. It was delicious.

Hmm. I don't really remember what I made this for. Some church function. Maybe the Christmas Party? I was definitely on a bundt cake kick. It is a Chocolate Fudge Peanut Butter cake from here.
This one was good. The toppings were a bit off. Too much peanut butter and not enough chocolate. It was also a little dry. It was still tasty, just not as moist as it looks.
I have yet to try this recipe for Pineapple Red Velvet Upside Down Bundt cake. Doesn't that sound Delicious? Turns out Hubby doesn't like pineapple. 
Or ice cream cake. I learned that one the hard way.

White chocolate covered Oreo Ornaments. I made them for the Relief Society Christmas Tea. 
I really like these. They are so fun and yummy! I tried to have the kids help me, but it took too long to dip the cookies. They made it through 3 and then were bored. Oh, well. I had fun.
(I totally took the licorice pull-aparts from our left over Halloween candy. Hehe!)

Preschool Snowmen Snacks. Cute right. I was almost late because it took so long to put those tiny chocolate chips in every single one. I made 20. But, they loved it and so it was worth it!

 I had a craving for s'mores, but it was still chilly outside. I saw this recipe and thought I would try it out. Simple, fast, brownie mix and marshmallows. Oh yea.
Yeeeea, it didn't really work for me. (Name that movie. You know the one in an office and it gets burned down. Yea, that one. Ha ha! I find myself funny.) The marshmallows didn't stay in the brownie mix and just puffed up and burned on the muffin tin. They were rock hard to eat and awful to clean off. I think I will stick to regular brownies and microwave s'mores. 
Who am I kidding. No, I won't.
There are way too many delicious mistakes to try out there. :)

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